All network members have been vetted on the following to ensure they meet our standards before they are accepted to join Credo:


Quality of work delivered is extremely important to us and extremely important to you. Work that is sloppy or not delivered in a format that drives change for your business is not acceptable for you, and therefore it is not acceptable for us.

Our professionalism vetting involves the following:
  1. Each pro uploads a deliverable (anonymized is acceptable) that they sent to clients for each marketing channel for which they have applied. In these, we look for clarity of thinking, focus, and how they structure their work delivered to you;
  2. We look at the firm's website to look for areas that we know signal a quality agency, such as a professional design, clarity in the work they do and their ideal type of client, and presence of case studies, testimonials, and other trust signals.


A company can be polished and professional and still not deliver great results, so we specifically ask each network applicant about their clients and results the y have driven.

We ask them for:
  • Client contact information (and we follow up with those clients);
  • Description of work they did for the client;
  • Results they achieved;
  • Screenshots of Google Analytics or other metrics platforms used to show the results.

Screening Call

After the potential network member has passed all of the above, we invite them to do a 15 minute call with someone on our team.

We do this to ensure that they are:
  1. professional on the phone,
  2. clear in their speech and explanation of what they do, and
  3. that we feel comfortable sending clients their way.

This also gives us an opportunity to make sure that they are prompt to meetings.

What we do

Credo accepts approximately 30% of providers who apply.

We only accept the best of the best because our highest priority is keeping the quality of firms listed as high as possible. We continue to hold Credo pros to the highest standards, and review their performance consistently to make sure they uphold our high standards.

We take the quality of Credo pros very seriously and want Credo to be the place where businesses can come and have our team help you figure out exactly what you need, exactly who is good and at what disciplines, and be confident that you are making the right choice. We have a long ways to go to make this vision a full reality, but we're started and working towards it every day.

Within the Credo network you will see a "Preferred" annotation on some profiles. These are the partners to whom we introduce clients who contact Credo directly looking for introductions to the right providers for their specific needs. They have been vetted to a deeper level than others in the network, specifically through a phone call to talk about their business setup, ideal clients, specialties, and sales process. They are our trusted partners who have been invited to be a part of the Preferred network.

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