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Need help finding the right marketing firm?

Welcome to Credo! Since October 2015 we’ve helped 6,500+ companies define their project and find the right SEO or marketing firm (agency or consultant) from our vetted network of marketing professionals.

Our proprietary process is engineered to make you successful in your search to grow your business.

You are here because you were referred to Credo by Cyrus Shepard of Zyppy. We’d be delighted to discuss your project with you and help you find the right vetted partner to work with.

Join the 6,500+ businesses who trust Credo to help them find their next marketing partner.


Hire with confidence

Other companies make you research companies yourself and sift through hundreds of providers and reviews. Not us.

The average client on Credo gets started with their new marketing firm in just 3-5 weeks, as compared with an industry average of 12 weeks.

$50M+ Work completed through Credo
97% Client happiness rate
800+ Successful projects delivered
1,500+ Conversations scheduled

How Credo works


Define your needs and project brief to make sure you're matched with the right people.


Discuss your project with highly vetted digital marketing firms hand-picked by our team specifically for your needs from our exclusive network.


Based on your conversations, decide who to hire then sign your contract and pay the pro directly.

Fill out the form, schedule a call with our team, and let us show you how we're changing the game.

"We needed a consultant to bridge our SEO efforts while we attempted to hire an in-house Director of SEO. Credo lined up multiple qualified options within a day, and we ended up landing the single most qualified person in our entire industry within 2 weeks. It was 1 part luck, 1 part Credo. Credo will be my first stop for talent on all future projects."
Jason Billingsley

FAQs & details

What does Credo cost?

Clients hiring through Credo pay us nothing. We are compensated by the pros within the network once they have passed our 28-point vetting process.

Who's in Credo's network?

Credo's network includes digital marketing agencies and consultants who are experts at what they do and who they do it for.

We're digital marketing experts ourselves and started Credo in 2013 to help great businesses do a better job hiring and executing on marketing strategies. We've helped thousands of businesses since then, so let us put our expertise to work for you.

How does Credo determine who the right pro is for my project?

With seven years in business and over $125,000,000 in projects coming through our systems, we know how to make the right matches for your needs. We base matches off your marketing channel needs, your industry, your business model, your budget, and more. Every match is hand-selected by our team of experts.

What is the difference between Credo and Upwork?

Credo is a fundamentally different type of company. Instead of listing anyone in the world who wants to offer marketing services, Credo has a vetted network of pros who we work with closely to make sure they deliver industry-best results for their clients.

Do I still have to interview firms within Credo?

Yes. After we match you with two pros from our network, you schedule interview calls with them. We believe fundamentally that you should know and trust the person doing your work. Ultimately, the decision on who to hire is yours.

How is Credo involved after I sign a project?

No. Once you decide on the firm to hire, you sign contracts with them directly and pay them directly for their work. Credo is not involved, though we would appreciate honest reviews on your firm's Credo profile once you've worked with them for a while!

So, what does Credo cost?

Credo is free to clients looking to hire a marketing firm. We do offer a few paid consulting options about your marketing or hiring strategy which can be found here.